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Soulmate Of Solitude

Pets are our source of cheer and joy all time. They can make us refreshed and rejoiced when we feel solitude and sorrow. Now let’s go through a poem ‘ Pets… ‘.


As I got a fond of my pet,
I just set aim to be a vet,
It loved and lived with me,
With a lot of grieve and glee.

As I saw their fight and bond,
They lept back to their boxes,
In their fight for food and fond,
They are as cunning as foxes.

They are my envious lovers,
Slept on me with all powers,
When I went to fields alone,
They followed me in my tone.

Their rush in race from pace
To leap, for my lap and love,
They saw my mind in my face,
And became my mind's dove.

With ceaseless hope and cheers,
They enjoyed and ended my tears,
As my companion…

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