Dear Love | An open letter series #6

A Writer's Deli

Dear Love,
Was your day okayish, exciting or did you have the Monday blues? 
I hope my letters can add all sort of green, orange and yellow to your Monday mood. 
Oh oh, today I wish to tell you about our song.

With my playlist on shuffle, the song that caught me by surprise was Pink Floyd’s “wish you were here” and it being “Our Song” I obviously spiralled into the memories of my time with you
It’s intriguing how we tend to associate songs with people. I’ve a few which are all linked to people, some of them with whom I’m no longer in touch with. Nonetheless I hear the song, and an imagery builds up where I’m transported to the time when we were friends, acquaintance or lovers.

For example, That song by Ronan Keating, “You say your best, when you say nothing at all” was suggested to…

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