A Word …

Soulmate Of Solitude

Hi dears,

Again, here is a poem, now it is titled as ‘ A Word ’ , showing how a word ruined one’s life.

A Word...

He wanna win this world,
Gonna fade from friends,

As she'd said them so,
All bros made me a foe,
Where? Where do I go?

I'd lost all my light,
I'd got apex of plight,
How to turn them right?

Hell wanna make me die,
It won't make all cry.
Will she set her sigh?

It's her, name is Jez,
Who made all my mess,
But now too,she's sis.

She who'd made me fly,
I'd raised her to sky,
And lived in elite high.

I'd many pals as herds,
They had gone as birds,
As they heard her words.

The word that torn my life,
Cut as if sharpened knife,
And I became a broken fife.

Why this word ruined me?


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