“A sun of vermillion” #poem #poetry #verse

Visionary Poems

A sun of vermillion 
Burned the evening sky 
As the star of day 
Set ablaze the vastness of the firmament 
And onto the skies unleashed 
Fires unquenchable 
From the cosmic conflagration 
That scorched the empyreal realms 
And flared in the void 
Above a barren tree 
Bereft of leaf and stark of bough 
As it spread its silhouette of ebony black
‘Gainst the taut heavenly canvas 
That mightily blazed unrestrained 
As the colossal cauldron 
Devoured what remained of day
With a ferocious incandescence 
All consuming and unquenchable 
Whose very fury was reflected 
In the unutterable stillness of the placid lake below
As it turned the tranquil waters ruby red
Beneath the raging inferno
That consumed the hour of dusk 
Akin to a fiery dragon celestial 
A’roam about the ethereal heavens 
In the twixt light of a fervid eventide 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: MabelAmber on Pixabay 

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