Here’s How Often You Should Be Cutting Your Hair According To The Experts


While most of my girlfriends shudder at the thought of cutting their hair, I absolutely love it! The only reason I am not at my hair salon every month chopping off some locks, is simply because I can’t afford to cut my hair monthly, but if I could, I totally would!

For most women, their hair is their security blanket, and thus they avoid cutting their hair until it splits or grows out and looks absolutely terrible, which doesn’t make much sense to me since their hair will grow back, after all, it’s not like you are permanently lasering it off or something right?

So here’s the thing, if you want healthy locks, it’s important to get regularly scheduled trims for the sake of your hair health. This also applies if you are trying to grow your hair or keep your hair long.

While haircuts don’t promote hair growth per…

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