An Old Beginning by M. Taggart


image by M. Taggart

An Old Beginning
-M. Taggart [author’s site]

Talk beautiful and watch the world collapse-
Humanity disbelieves its current balance
and once again painted prints are unable
to cover anything in entirety, so it spreads,
unending, as though it has finally found
communion in the space inside our heads,
where we live while watching our thoughts,
and they are indeed beautiful, yet we talk
only to ourselves for fear of the unyielding
pressure poured from one-to-another, as the
word awaits our final form of courage to speak
not only in the darkness of our minds, or to
the woods we find validation within, but to
our fellow people, all of the things we’ve wanted
to share, caressing our differences and
celebrating our cultures, and to hell if the world
collapses for the greatness of kindness and beauty.
We’ll build a new one.

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