Thousands and millions of thoughts each day,

What a wonderful sight in our own imaginary way.

A mix of peace and excitement,

Sparkle flowing in our mind with its own unique scent.

Don’t let your own unique scent go away, because thoughts are always the best even if it’s yours or mines yestarday’s or today’s.

~ Muserista ♡

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  1. it’s easy to feel great hatred in this world at times,but think of the ways of Jesus, non violence, why it matters, in some places there is talk of revenge AND getting even, which only worsens the situation. AS the Saint says, Isaiah the Prophet, and many others, when a bad man or woman is turned back from doing harm, blessings ultimately flow. Those that are of God, have the Spirit of peace in them, while extremists urge action, amen, as extremists use hurt to hurt others, amen

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