The daily routine

Offshore Writings

Blue trees, green seas, and birds chirping. I’m lying there on the sand beach enjoying the warm sun and suddenly a familiar melody comes in the wind. Before I could realize the tune, I’d be sucked into reality only to realize that it was my alarm tone – (🎵🔈🔈💥🎵 I’vvvveee becommmme so numb!! I can feel you thereeee! Become so dumb…! 🎵🔈🎵). Waking up with the loss of orientation and loss of memory and few other losses, I would try my best to get out of the bed. A few days later I came to understand one of the main laws of Physics – “The gravity near the bed is 10 times more in the morning”.

After much difficulty, I get up and instantly become The Flash. You can see streaks of light and wind hushing as I get ready for work. I would be completely freshened up and all…

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