sacred space…

The Vibrant Channeled Creator


the sacred space never keeps us bound; but lets us fly home on wings of feathers!

“You are in need of some safe and sacred space in which to heal. Do not feel lost. The angels are close by with their heavenly light shining brightly.”
Your Angel’s Message:
We all need some love and care at times. No matter how strong we feel we are. No matter our profession, race, sex or creed. When you see this card, it is direct validation that your angels are urging you to take some time out for you. Your inner self is exhausted and needs rest. Relax in the love and light of these beautiful celestial beings. They are there for you whenever you need them. 

The concept of sacred space means different things to different people. Perhaps you feel safest and happiness in nature. Maybe your happy place is in quiet, relaxed…

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