Frozen Yogurt

In Dianes Kitchen


I am amazed at how delicious Frozen Yogurt tastes.

If you love yogurt, you have to try Frozen Yogurt.

I have a small electric ice cream maker so I thought

I would make Frozen Yogurt and it was delicious!


This is my ice cream maker and it is the first

time I have used it for frozen yogurt.


I had a large container of yogurt so I decided to

add it right from the container. I didn’t know if it

would work or not since it was not homemade

or liquid like it is when I make ice cream.


I poured it right into my frozen ice cream container.


After about 20 minutes of churning this is what

it looked like. It was very creamy and delicious.


I topped it with whipped cream and a cherry. There

was too much to eat it all so after I served it I…

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