Extracts from my upcoming book. And a special treat

tales told different

Hi everyone,
I’m amping up the promotion for my new poetry and prose book CROSSROADS (Winds of love).
We are so close to the release date this Monday(17/05/2021).

I closed my eyes and randomly chose different pages to pull out the extracts you’ll read in this post.
I’m hoping this can go a way in persuading you that I gave every single verse, poem, story and reflection great care.

You can hear it as it prowls
Treachery, its shadow
And so you hide in fear
As the night whispers of heartache
And love hunts you like prey
Persisting like only love can!…

~Trapped by love~ Pg. 74

At the end of this post is a special incentive to purchase this book so please read on.

The sun of day and moon of night alight
Their greed for one another, left naked to see
Stars twinkle as moist…

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