13 Things May Thought about in May

On a mission

And they are not in any particular order.

1. If I am writing or posting something on social media or a blog. How many likes or comments by the end of the day?

2. Why I am being motivated to exercise?

3. Why I am not getting any motivation to do a particular thing❔

4. Why did I say what I said. What was I thinking or not thinking at all. ?

5. What would have made it better?

6. Why I am feeling tired?

7. Why I am still hungry?

8. Why my followers not going up? Am I reading enough about others.

9. Why is life so difficult or we make it?

10. Wish I have had enough sense and sensibility ?

11. To wear or not to wear mask.

12 . What should I be writing that it’s new and inspiring.

13 . Wish the peace is…

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