Love beginnings #poetry

tales told different

Colleen’s syllabic challenge

Some people find it easy to fall in love,
Some people have closed their hearts to protect them,
But does anyone truly have a say when it comes to love?

We kissed
Your eyes sparkled
My heart raced to a blaze
The fires awoken
Smelting passions
And fears

We touched
Your hand trembled
Conducting; Conveying
A language unwritten
Feelings unscribed

The risk!
That fire burns
That tremors will break me
That love is corrupted
Yet still I try
I stay

The nights
Moist embraces
Needs soothed by pleasure
Gasps that moan out fear
No hopes, no thoughts
Just bliss

This love
Our own vernacular
A tongue of emotions
A kiss of souls

Can we reject love when it knocks at our door?
And will love eventually impose its karma;
Rejecting us when we think we are finally ready
Is there ever a wrong…

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