The Intensity Intensifies!

Marilyn's Room

Happy Tuesday, gang.

I’m guessing you can tell that things all over the world are getting intense. [Photo Credit above of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from last night: Ofir Gendelman / Twitter]

Allegedly, that is an ancient cypress tree on fire on the Temple Mount, and some reports are that no one was critically injured. Still, 100 rockets were fired on Jerusalem. Tensions between Jews and Muslims are allegedly off the charts.  And a video below indicates that many were killed.

I don’t use the word “allegedly” to discredit anyone’s suffering. But until the worldwide news seems to be free of o p er a t ion m   ockin g bird, everything I don’t see with my own eyes is alleged for now.

Here’s something I found very interesting. It was on m * ch a el j * ck s on’s t e le g ram account yesterday…

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