The Father of a Boy Named Sue 🎶

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Shel Silverstein wrote a sequel to “A Boy Named Sue”(see here) called “The Father of a Boy Named Sue”. It is an irreverent and morally questionable folk song, brutally realistic in portraying the nastiness in the world around us.

The story is told from the father’s point of view: he admits that he lied about naming his son Sue to make sure he would become tough, he just wanted to be nasty. And now Sue, who has became a drag queen, lives with him, offering all the services of a daughter, and even more…

(Okay now years ago I wrote a song called A Boy Named Sue and that was okay
And everything except then I started to think about it and I thought
It is unfair I am looking at the whole thing from the poor kid’s point of view
And as I get…

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