May Story Chat: “Nailing It” by Anne Stormont

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Welcome to Story Chat

Friends, I want to welcome both YOU and this month’s author,Anne Stormont, toStory Chat. This month’s Story Chat, a “family drama” that never seems to end between a mother and daughter.

When you’re done be sure to click on Anne’s links to read .

“Nailing It”

by Anne Stormont

“Stop it,” Evie begged. She looked at the pile of dirty dishes – her mother’s best china. Mother had insisted that everyone should come back to the house for tea, insisted on the good cups and saucers.

“Should have done them last night,” her mother repeated. “I said, didn’t I? But, oh no, too lazy for that––or too drunk.”

“Drunk?” Evie said. “You know I don’t drink.”

“Oh, really? I wasn’t cold in my grave yesterday and you were at it.”

“One whisky, Mother, at your wake – to warm me up. It…

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