How Is the Weather?


I love meteorology — which has nothing to do with meteors. It is, as we all know, the science of weather. I remember my grandfather teaching me bits of “weather lore”. I felt so wise, so knowledgeable! He taught me too about barometers and other scientific terms involved in weather forecasting, and when storms were approaching, we used to step outside together to watch the clouds gathering.

I’m still fascinated by all the charts and graphs and weather maps meteorologists use, but as an artist, I’m more fascinated by the weather itself. This is the area I’m working on now as I continue my 100-day journey in oil painting.

Here’s one of my first “weather studies” — it’s titled “Through the Mists of Morning”.

I find the painting interesting. For me this was somewhat “experimental” as I looked for ways to create the look and feel of a misty morning…

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