Castlevania: Mourning The First Good Video Game Adaptation

The Otaku Exhibition

You might wonder why my spring reviews are being interrupted by a show that’s nearly four years old at this point, and is not made in Japan. The best reason for that is Castlevania is the single greatest piece of media based on a video game, and its final season is slated to air in only a couple of days. I always intended on writing an essay about it, but I never expected it to end so abruptly, and I can’t pass up an opportunity like this.

To brush aside what I’ve already mentioned, Castlevania the TV series is not Japanese is origin, although I don’t consider it to be any less ‘anime’ than something written, recorded, animated, and produced in Japan. Anime has long since transcended national borders, and Castlevania is so obviously borne from a deep passion for Japanese animation that it feels dumb and pedantic to say…

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