A GOD-CENTERED VIEW OF SALVATION: A Theocentric Perspective of the Gospel by [Allen Steely]

Author Allen M. Steely explains to Christians what it means to be saved in his thought-provoking book A God-Centered View of Salvation. Everyone has their own definition of salvation, depending on how they relate with God and the church. In his book, Allen Steely lays it all out and explains how to do Christianity right, live righteously and get to be God’s chosen child. I like how the author starts the book by asking simple questions which he gives answers to. The author writes extensively and in detail, talking about faith and being a believer. Whether talking about God, human beings or whichever subject, the author uses a unique way of presenting facts and stories that help one relate to the topic being discussed.

A God Centered View of Salvation is a book that will trigger your interest in history. The author talks of different churches in the middle…

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