Dispatches from the Wasteland: The Magical Joy of Moist Lips

Bonnywood Manor

Note: This is one installment of a blog series I ran several years ago, wherein our petite and pre-teen heroine is chronicling the many ways in which lip gloss has saved her life. This is her second journal entry…

2. Lip Gloss brought me closer to Jesus.

It’s not that I hated going to Sunday School at our local Baptist emporium, that really wasn’t the case. After all, if there were things I might accidentally do that would damn my soul to Hell, I certainly needed to do some research so that I could avoid doing such, as long as the avoidance fit my agenda. I was far too busy for damnation. I had too many other goals to accomplish other than crossing some river and then screaming for eternity whilst things around me burned.

No, it wasn’t the concept of Sunday School that troubled me. I was more disturbed…

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