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Me at Mocha, Ranchi

During the last few years or so a lot many cafes, lounges and bars have sprout up like weeds or accumulated snows in crevices in different parts of Ranchi.

How do I feel about it?

I miss the slow paced Ranchi back when the go to place for any kind of celebration was either Kaveri or Temptation, with fewer options to choose from on the menu, slower music to drown your thoughts into, the chortle being more of familiar voices than of strangers and the quotidian monotonous views. Back when children looked more like children.

I miss the unexpected bounty of showers after a hot humid day, the fluorescent streetlights casting shimmer down the drizzling droplets, the mandatory 2 am visit to Durga Puja Pandals with cousins for that’s when one could view the light decors.

Can’t deny though, that there’s certain charm to these places…

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