Electoral Palace or Kurfürstlichen palais in Trier!!


And continuing in my update of older posts saga ,which have been enormously uplifting for me to review these wonderful travel experiences again! Thanks again to all of you for your following and encouragement over the years since 2010. I have to go out into something off the beaten path, I mean, Trier is very popular in Germany but this Electoral Palace is seldom seen by visitors, and we walked the beat all over Trier on several occasions. Hope you enjoy it as I.

I have written several posts over the years in my blog on Trier and spoke to you of many sights, many times briefly. I believe this monument deserves more on its history and architecture and two wars. I will be telling you a lot of history on the Electoral Palace or Kurfürstlichen Palais of Trier. Bear with me please!

TheElectoral Palace or Kurfürstlichen Palais

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