Warpinator on Your Cellphone!

Thar She Blows!

Now on your Android device!

Remember when little Orcsi tellered you about this nifty app, Warpinator, cooked up by the Linux Mint ppl? And then – oh joy! – other distros took it over into their repositories. And then … Warpi became available from the fukn AUR (Arch User Repository) and Orcsi and her hubby became the most happy penguins on the planet … EVAAAAR!!!

Warpi on your fukn phone!

And now?

Warpi on any phone that’s smarter than you! Will the niftyness never end? Not as long as we have clever Linux devs like Clem Levebfre of the Mint project and various other devs who have an eye and an ear for what the users really want and need.

Warpinator is, in lack of a better word, a local ad-hoc network. You wanna send shit from your machine to your hubby’s or…

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