Girlfriend, Girlfriend Volume One: The Sad Attempt at Romantic Comedy

Red's Nerd Den

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Volume One Cover

The newest review finds this reader very confused and a little disappointed, to prepare for the Anime that will be premiering this summer, today’s review will be about Hiroyuki’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend Volume One.

The Story begins with the First Year Student named Naoya Mukaki, an earnest young man who got his first girlfriend, a beautiful lady named Saki Saki (No, you aren’t reading this wrong.) And like most teenagers, these two are madly in love with each other, but their intensities are similar to Fire and Ice in many ways. Then one day, after vowing never to cheat on Saki, another girl who happens to be a first-year confesses that she has a crush on him! Enter Nagisa Minase, who is cute, sweet, and makes him a lunch he couldn’t resist, sounds like the perfect person to date right? Well, after vowing that he wouldn’t cheat on Saki…

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