Soni's thoughts

My mix zeentangle and mandala art called ZEENDALA art, total time taken 9hours…

the rainbow
in the sky
Glowing full of love

Hola my amazing peeps… How are you doing guys? So today i felt like giving a try to write ELFJE, an unique style of poem which i got inspired by seeing post of my one of best blogger friend Jeff i didnot have any idea on how to write these styles of poems whether it is a HAIKU or a TANKA or ELFJE, but by seeing Jeff’s posts i got full motivation to give a try and i can say confidently that i can write these better day by day and infact i am loving these more than a poem!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖 So few days back i drew this ZEENDALA ART, it took me 9hours to complete this, basically to show an independent girl, and…

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