A sweet escape

A Writer's Deli

I snuck out of my house,
One Saturday evening,
To have kulhad Chai and Ice creams.

I sat on the back of the scooty
And raced the half lit train passing by,
The wind whistled past me,
My thoughts faster the wind.

Meeting an old friend or gone for a long stroll?
Not gone at all – I chose.
I chose to leave.
Leave the conflict,
Of what would come later.
I had now mastered the art
Of impromptu excuses.
Fleeting joy, loud talks and traffic blared through
Unperturbed remained my tranquility.

With a stranger- not so much now,
I was re-discovering my home-town;
We crossed the old high-school,
The spicy aroma of the street-stalls,
The statue by the flyover,
We crossed the plane above.

Above, the sky had painted
Hues of red, orange and yellow
smudges of blue and purple spread indistinctly without borders.
Soon it would turn pitch…

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