“The midnight hour” #poem #poetry #verse

Visionary Poems

When the midnight hour 
Ever nearer does draw 
A darkness profound 
Invades the realm 
For to denote the unfolding 
Of the great interlude circadian 
That imponderable mystery nocturnal 
An interval unfathomable 
Which since the dawn of time 
Has bestirred the visions of those who dream 
And pacified the souls of the weary

Now the night spreads a shroud of inky violet 
Over the world below 
And assumes its dark hue
The fatigued for to gather
As to the call to slumber 
They do harken
Whence amid the stillness
Deep within the recesses of their bedchambers
Upon their pillow 
Supine at last do they recline 
As abed they do repose awhile 
The call to dormition for to heed 
As a profound silence settles upon the realm 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Joakim Honkasalo (jhonkasalo) on Pixabay 

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