“A discreet sky” #poem #poetry #verse

Visionary Poems

A discreet sky 
Begarbed in modest attire 
Cast a lingering eye 
Upon the lowly hamlet tranquil 
That clung to the sweeping bay 
Shelter for to seek 
From the protective wall 
In hues of terracotta 
That graced the lofty cliffs 
As their escarpments 
Into the distant heavens did vanish 
Wreathed in shrouds 
Of mists from another realm 
That regarded with an empathetic mien
The modest dwellings 
Which lined the shore inconsequential 
With a tender gaze benign 
That betrayed a concern fond
For the tranquil innocence defenseless
Of this humble locale
‘Gainst storm and tempest much mismatched
And vowed to forever divert 
All turbulence empyreal malign 
From this placid idyll 
Its beauty serene for to conserve
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Dreamy_Photos on Pixabay 

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