Humans! Given up on them

Riya’s world

I am sorry, but I have given up on humans! “Damn, Riya how could you say that? Such a selfish little girl” selfish eh?

By time and experience I HAVE realised, human are just a nasty little blob of selfishness!

13! Yeah I am 13

And let me play this smart, I am not here to break myself every other day!

And maybe I am wrong! Maybe what I say is selfish myself! But what I am saying right now is by my own experience! And I swear by it!

The circus was never over my friends. Clowns are always hanging!

I used to be a social butterfly! I couldn’t stop appeasing people! But the results have always hit me hard.

You like me? Amazing! You don’t like me? Double the amazing!

Think it’s funny, but honey can’t run the show without me!

You can’t stand upto people’s expectations! So…

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