Yay!!!!!! I am live on Spotify

Riya’s world

Hello everyone! A few days ago I uploaded my so called podcast episode! Making it into a video was a rookie mistake! Anyways there is a good news!

I am live on Spotify!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas 😎here is the link to my podcast! Pls lemme know if I like it (not in my comment section but in yours)

Voice of a 13 year old

For Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4Wq474OPgz8h7Rwk9QNL6S?si=Mk7n_TZIQRGd9LuqYZEg9A

For anchor: https://anchor.fm/riya–gautam/episodes/My-first-podcast-2021-evp8r9

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