On Dealing with Emotional Extremes

Pointless Overthinking

By Troy Headrick

I’m getting older. We all are. Of course, as we age, we lose things. For example, because I’m older and injured my knee playing competitive sports when I was a young guy, I can no longer jog without having significant pain afterwards. That sucks, but I’m fine with that limitation and loss.

It’s not all bad news though. I’m gaining things too. For example, I think I’ve got a few things figured out about life that used to befuddle me.

For one, I’ve learned the value of keeping an even keel as often as possible. I try not to allow myself to slip into extreme emotional states, or when I do, to keep them in proper perspective. Of course, as I’ve written in many other places, I’m very much influenced by the Stoics who teach that wisdom and happiness can come to those who realize that impermanence…

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