The Side Effects of the pandemic – In India and South Africa ( Collab Post )

Exhortations With Shazzy

Social distancing and mask-life has emerged as our new normal, we’ve reached a point where we no longer make a fuss about it. My prime experience with the mask was horrific as I had difficulty to inhale fresh breath. ‘This would not last long’, I said to myself. It’s been almost a year and am still wearing a mask. Phew!…
In truth thepandemic has altered nearly every facet of our lives. The many changes we’ve undergone have caused us to reflect on life and to desire experiences we never thought were important before covid. Who would have thought that one day we’d find ourselves locked inside our homes, restricted to do anything we wanted?

As we look back on our experiences with the pandemic, my beloved Indian friend Moksha from Happy Panda and I decided to pen down our lives before and after corona – perspective of India & South…

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