One To Watch #BookReview

She’s Reading Now

Kate Stayman-London | July 2020 | 417 pages

Kate Stayman-London was a digital writer for Hillary Clintons campaign. I heard of her back then so the name was familiar when this book landed in my feed, sometime late last year. I’m glad she wrote this book though I’ve been vacillating between if this should be 3 stars, or 4. 😶😵

One To Watch is about plus size, IG famous, fashion blogger Bea Schumacher. Bea, after a heated blog rant on the need for diversity in reality television, gets herself picked to star in a TV dating show, a’la The Bachelor(ette). It follows Bea through a series of incredible highs, (mostly) lows and lowers. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Very much like Felix Ever After, the story is about the journey but the journey is extremely rocky. Often, more cringe worthy then feel good rom-com. We learn about Bea, her life, friends, family and…

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