My Current Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Ainsley Beth

Hey Queens!

So last year around this time I did a post on my favorite Starbucks drinks and you all really seemed to like it so I thought I’d do like a revised version. So here are my current favorite Starbucks drinks! Also these pictures are from pinterest because like always I forgot to take pictures lol but enjoy!

iced chai latte

Oh my goodness I love this drink so much! My sister-in-law drinks chai a lot but I had never had it before but one day I got it and instantly fell in love! Getting caramel in it as well tastes amazing!

matcha green tea lemonade

Whenever I get this people always make fun of the color and they way it smells but when i’m telling you it tastes AMAZING……..it tastes amazing! If you also want to mix it up a bit get raspberry syrup put in it!


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