Mistaken Identity?

Dave Williams

Painting by Edward Hopper: Sunlights in Cafeteria. A man and woman sit at different tables as sunshine pours through a window in the cafe.
Sunlights in Cafeteria (1958) by Edward Hopper, noncommercial usage

A painting by Edward Hopper is provided for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #113 (#FFFC), one of soft sunlight entering a cafe’s window and illuminating a woman and man sitting at separate tables. Hopper was certainly effective at capturing quiet moments in his paintings. And here’s my attempt at a story behind this quiet moment…

Mistaken Identity?
by Dave Williams

Where was Patty? Why did she have to be late for most of their outings? She and Lula had agreed to meet at 9 o’clock Saturday morning. They’d eat breakfast, then walk the town, see what struck their moods.

Lula sighed and glanced at her watch and sipped coffee. Two blueberry muffins eaten while waiting for her friend. Lula had planned to eat only one muffin then decided on a second because she was still a little hungry and the first one…

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