Hunting Gamble

Dave Williams

Photo of person wearing hooded sweatshirt and carrying a shotgun over their shoulder. The person's face can't be seen in the darkness of the hood. In the background, snow falls in the woods.
by Harrison Haines/Pixels.com

A story for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #115

Hunting Gamble
by Dave Williams

The crash was difficult and embarrassing. Arrested in a Las Vegas hotel room, no time to hide the cocaine — although the cops surely would’ve found it anyway. At least the woman wasn’t paid company. Although, she — Katie? Kaylee? — had enjoyed what his money could buy.

Serving jail time became a marker in Brandon Keener’s life. A separation of what came before and what happened afterward.

Lock-up reminded him of an earlier marker. High school English class, an assignment was finally given that was much better than Shakespeare — which was hard to understand and boring except for the sword-fighting scenes.

“The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell, was short and thrilling. Brandon had enjoyed The Hunger Games, but that was set in another world, another time. The short story…

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