Book Hunting

Dave Williams

For the first time, I’m trying out Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge — it was a neat experience to write a story based for the prompt. This Fandango’s #111 Challenge, and it presents the photo prompt below. For more info on the challenge, check out the blog entry. #FFFC

photo of man standing before bookshelves
by Celine Ylmz/Unsplash

Book Hunting

Pamela had teased him: buying a gift card would’ve saved frustration. Russell agreed with his wife. Yet the easy solution wasn’t always the best solution.

This errand was such a case. For years, Russell offered no suggestions for their daughter’s birthday presents, while Pamela handled choosing and buying them. Russell’s focus was on his job, performing what he was good at, what he thought a husband/father should do for his family. His successes in business management brought in quite nice paychecks.

Now retired, Russell wanted to be more hands-on. Gone was the opportunity to broaden from…

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