It’s unhealthy to…


‘Just look at her,she is so good at studies! And you?’

‘She represents and mixes up with people so nicely and you,don’t even know how to talk properly with people!’

These small compliments lead to insecurities and we never know when comparison results in anxiety. One might start comparing their experiences and situations with the other. If we fail at achieving something one may end up thinking,’ No matter how hard I try, I am not gonna reach that level!’.

If one succeeds then the game of proving other individual, inferior begins. ‘I beat her in this, I am more better and capable than him/her. This makes us feel a certain kind of rush, motivation and excitement to do more things, which isn’t long lasting. It’s just for a time period! So the attitude of comparison won’t help.

Don’t waste your energy in comparing! Try to invest that energy to…

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