Five Books That Will Make You Pause And Think


By Jessica Haley

For the curious mind, the knowledge in a book is like a feast for a starving man. Books that sharpen your mental acuity are important tools.

Whether your motivation for reading comes from pleasure or self-improvement, here is a selection of books that are perfect for your quiet moments of contemplation.

Blink By Malcolm Gladwell

The moment you start to focus on your breathing and become aware of the fact, your lungs can suddenly feel like they’ve forgotten how to inhale. Blink makes you think about thinking: what type of decision-maker are you? Do you make snap, intuitive judgements, or do you analyse every detail under a microscope before you act?

Malcolm Gladwell mainly focuses on the psychological term “thin-slicing,” our brain’s ability to draw from narrow personal experiences and limited information to make quick decisions. He also explains how our unconscious biases can influence our decision…

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