Top 10 Lies That A Man Tells A Woman!

Beyond The Lines

Source – buzzfeed

In the event that there is anything common between all men, it has to be their affection for lying. It ends up, coming clean constantly isn’t so amazing—particularly with regards to keeping the harmony with your loved ones.

So here are the top 10 lies that a man tells a woman, frequently :-

“You’re the one I’ve generally cherished… truly” …

“Sorry, I missed your call” …

“I’m paid the most among my friends!”

“I don’t drink much!”

“Your food is delicious!”

“I’m stranded in rush hour gridlock, nectar” Men generally toss ladies this line when they’re getting compelled to meet you or go to an occasion they would prefer not to. …

“You’re the most wonderful individual on the planet!”

“I’m eager to see your family as well!”

“No, I was not looking at her!”


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