Pointless Overthinking

Books offer different things to different people. For some, books offer an escape. For some they offer a different vantage point. For others, entertainment. For others, peace. For some like me, all of the above, and then some!

I enjoy hearing people’s perspectives. Books allow me to do that easily, at my pleasure. From time to time, books leave me pondering, often long after I have finished reading them.

One of those books is titled Dust by Yvonne Awuor Adhiambo. She’s an immensely gifted author and a recipient of the Caine Prize for African Writing. Years after reading her book, I am still pondering.

Ah, what’s that you say?

A problem half shared is a problem half…

Say no more. I shall throw this to you. Yvonne writes in her book:

Everyone has at least four secrets;

  • One secret can only be repeated to God.
  • The second is buried…

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