Dancing Iris

Roth Poetry

Winding River~ Du Fu

“Each piece of flying blossom leaves spring the less,
I grieve as myriad points float in the wind.
I watch the last ones move before my eyes,
And cannot have enough wine pass my lips.
Kingfishers nest by the little hall on the river,
Unicorns lie at the high tomb’s enclosure.
Having studied the world, one must seek joy,
For what use is the trap of passing honour?

Dancing Iris ~ D.L. Roth

Soft Iris petals pirouette in spring sunshine

Sadly they only dance for a day

Flawless beauty kissed by the morning breeze

My eyes cannot soak up enough gorgeous rays

Swallow hides under boathouse eves warming eggs

Friendly trolls live under the floating dock

Nature’s flowers bring happiness in old age

Beauty passes… no need to stop the clock

Photo; Dwight L. Roth

Today is UN Chinese language day. At d’Verse Laura…

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