Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha (LN) Volume 2 Chapter 1

CClaw Translations

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The Good Friend Speaks

‘—Then…C-Come visit my place!!’

After talking with the top 2 girls on the vulgar speech ranking, Koga and Murata, my classmate and Goddess, Natsukawa, started to act off. With the end of my heated battle against Big Sis, my close associate (provisional) Ashida pulled me to this family restaurant, and after being cornered by my close associate (provisional), these words came out of my goddess. Thanks to that, I was reflexively about to cut off my finger like a Yakuza, which got me a troubled gaze from the female waitress.

Don’t underestimate me and my love for Natsukawa over these past three years, I’ve been agonizing over and over, so something like this won’t kill me. O impure temptation luring at the…

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