Princess Is Evil Ch 14

Scarlett Shoujo

Princess Is Evil


“You really aren’t going out?”

“I’m not going to go!”


“Promise. I really promise.”

“I’m not going to leave!”

Leona said again and again, but Lynn is a spirit that can’t be relieved. She could see her lips shining. Even though a week had passed since the birthday banquet for Ibec, Lynn was saying the same thing every day.

It’s an earful.

But Leona just couldn’t say it outright. The day she disappeared, it was Lynn who cried and ran through the whole of the Royal Palace searching for her.

“Because you’re worried, huh?”

Leona suddenly spit out ridicule.

Since when did I believe humans? Lynn’s job disappears if I die or get hurt. The imperial maid is said to have a high salary, of course she’d be worried about me, huh.

It was Lynn’s voice that broke Leona’s thoughts. Leona slowly…

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