How Did The Movie Arrival Contribute to My Knowledge of Language, Culture and Thoughts?

Texture of Parlance

The movie “Arrival” is an American science fiction movie.  The first time I chose to analyze this film is to have an interesting topic, as well as see a linguistically handled film for the first time.  In the movie,12 alien spaceships moved into 12 different societies on Earth, occurring in the US, Russia, China, and Pakistan Linguists in several areas ought to discuss the presence of aliens to grasp their purpose, language, and culture.  A linguist was asked upon to interpret the aliens’ language and comprehend why they showed up in various regions of the world before launching a global war. The aliens’ written language approaches in circles, every sentence requiring an exact beginning or end.  The alien visitors appeared to view time in an equal manner: as a circular notion.  Operating to decode this cryptic language, accomplished human linguist Louise Banks starts to have the foresight of the past and…

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