Across The Red Sky

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Across The Red Sky

Across the red sky two birds flying,
Flying with drooping wings.
Silent and solitary their ominous flight.
All day the triumphant sun with yellow banners
Warred and warred with the earth, and when she yielded
Stabbed her heart, gathered her blood in a chalice,
Spilling it over the evening sky.
When the dark plumaged birds go flying, flying,
Quiet lies the earth wrapt in her mournful shadow,
Her sightless eyes turned to the red sky
And the restlessly seeking birds.

(Katherine Mansfield)

Modernist writer Katherine Mansfield (1888 –1923) did not consider herself a poet, and the few poems she published during her lifetime often appeared under a pseudonym.
She generally penned poetry in her notebooks, privately, and dealt with her personal emotions.
The year of the composition of “Across The Red Sky” (1916) she wrote in her journal : “I feel always trembling on the…

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