When You Try To Be Sane In Online Classes ft.Chanakya Niti(School Diaries #3)

Drawing My Fantasies


You guys yet again showed a lot of love to the previous part When You Try To Play Holi in Behen Ji’s Terror so I made another part and it is EXCLUSIVELY about Online Classes..

ONLINE CLASSES—-the classes which we dreamt for during OFFLINE CLASSES…..where we can attend classes by lying on a bed with chips in one hand and coke in the other one….IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AMAZING~~~

Diving in to the ocean of AMAZINGNESS

But but but….the reality is far more different…There are many embarrassing moments,mess-ups,network issue…when you had to do Online Classes who had to test your ‘SANITY’ every moment..luckily my ONLINE Classes had ended not not for long..they have resumed from 5th April

Wizards Of Waverly Place Selena Gomez GIF - WizardsOfWaverlyPlace SelenaGomez Unbelievable GIFs

but nevermind …My Online Classes started from 9 AM and at that time I was always sleepy and not willing to wake-up…My sister used to take the advantage of this and…

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