Sir Elton John – From a kid who played Mozart to international superstar

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Elton John live, 1975 Elton John live, 1975 by tony morelli – Wikipedia/Flickr

The other day Elton John’s classic “Your Song” went through my head. Actively following it through, old emotions arose.

Not quite as close to childhood as the Beatles, Elton was more about adolescence for me. A very precious time and my memory of the sheer beauty and 70s-style arrangement of the tune made my eyes tear up a bit.

Today, it’s time to revise my entry for Elton John from Think Free, which is slowly but steadily migrating to earthpages.org.

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Sir Elton John (1947- ) is a British pop music superstar.

Elton John’s original name was Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Born in Pinner, Middlesex, Reginald played songs by ear on the piano at the age of 4 and took formal training at the Royal Academy of Music when 11.

As Elton John, his collaboration with lyricist…

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