Pretty Birds

Siva jyothi

🦢 🐦 🦅 Birds

The Birds-peacocks,pigeons,parrots,woodpecker,sparrow and all kind of birds Are beautiful

Those welfare need to consider in global …

Birds roaming decreased because pollution,Chemicals,sun ultraviolet Radiation and electrical towers Radiation …

The Birds roaming benefits are much …infact they eat insects whichever spoiled crops …the crops grown up as well as , It seeds fell down spread all soil through birds and starts new plants on earth…

People consider that Birds save live and life , it looks so beautiful, pleasant and feels pleasure… so many birds are colourfully …

While Global lock down birds were swing on ground places freely because I could observed Not traffic pollution… However Humans wish they can swing & Roam live🦆

Have A Great day 🌹

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