Love and Something Like It!

deepak sharma writes

Image Credit – Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com

The day began with the usual humdrum.

‘Where is my dress,’ shouted Viren, without even looking inside the cupboard? A quick glance, and he called for his mother, who was still busy helping out her husband find his shoes and tie.

‘Can you see the hangars in the lower part,’ she shouted from the kitchen, hoping to remotely manage the issue.

‘Where,’ Viren shouted anxiously this time, his eyes staring at the bottom of the cupboard, multiple hangars adorned the single rod while bearing the weight of innumerable clothes.

‘Towards your left,’ she replied before immediately adding, ‘no, no, towards your right, probably in the middle.’

A temporary relief reflected on her face as she finally got everything her husband needed, allowing her to rush towards her son, Viren, now.

‘Did you find it,’ she asked as she walked towards him.

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